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Support ALJA and Latvian Youth in the United States!

We invite you to support ALYA and Latvian youth in America. There are many ways that you can help our organization.

If you wish to make a contribution to support our projects/funds, please send your donations to:

Paul Markovs
622 West Aldine, #3 South
Chicago, IL 60657

Each year, the ALYA board works very hard each year to raise money for Latvian Youth in the U.S. Following are the funds that ALYA is raising money for this year:

Occupation Museum Scholarship Fund
This fund gives scholarships to two ALYA members each year. The scholarship allows our members to work in Latvia's Occupation Muzuem in Riga, Latvia. The scholarship allows them to visit Latvia, work there, and learn about Latvia's history under the Communist regime. Your donation can help us send one more young Latvian to Latvia to work at Latvia's Occupation Muzeum.

Project Latvia
The Project Latvia fund gives grants to Latvian Youth to complete a project they created themselves in Latvia. Mara Pelece recently traveled Latvia and the U.S. asking Latvians, "What does it mean to you to be Latvian?" Each year, at least one young Latvian receives this grant. Your donation can help our members achieve more of their goals with projects in Latvia.

ALYA Cultural Fund
ALYA raises money for this fund, to organize cultural events for Latvians young and old in the U.S. with artists from Latvia, as well as keep our members up to date with the latest information. Last year, ALYA hosted three Marija Naumova concerts in the U.S. Marija Naumova won the Eurovision competition in 2002 and is considered Latvia's most famous performer. ALYA also hosted 4 Delete concerts. We send out monthly ALYA "newspapers" that include our upcoming events, Latvian stories, newsworthy announcements, photographs, etc. We send out a bi-annual magazine that includes many articles and photographs, as well. We worked with the Avantis organization and organized the showing of a the Latvian film "Atrasts Amerika." We also worked with Ieva Salamans/Mari Locmeli to organize the showing of the film "Spriditis Amerika." ALYA works hard to raise money for this fund by organizing many entertaining and fundraising events for Latvians throughout the year. This year, granted we reach our goal for this fund, we will host another Latvian artist of group from Latvia in the U.S.

ALYA Scholarship Fund
The ALYA scholarship fund gives scholarships to Latvian youth, allowing them to achieve their academic goals. The entire fund is divided evenly to all students who write letters to ALYA requesting academic scholarships.

Go to ALYA Congress! fund
ALYA's annual Congress happens each year, in a different city, on Thanksgiving Day weekend. ALYA Congress is for all members, where, among other activities, there is the annual member meeting and election of next year's board. ALJA Congress is a four day event including lectures, panel discussions, work groups, concerts and dances. This is the largest event for Latvian youth in the U.S. It is important to all young Latvian to attend to meet Latvians, learn about Latvia, and nurture their heritage. This fund is used to pay for young Latvians to participate in this event (approximately $100.)

Become and ALYA Auxiliary Member!
Organzations and ALYA supporters over the age of 35 support ALYA by becoming an auxiliary member. The membership is only $35 per year. The membership provides you with:

  • Email updates with news and events calendars twice monthly
  • A monthly newsletter sent by mail
  • Two issues of our literary journal Veja Zvani
  • Access to archived newsletter and literary journal
Last updated 07/18/06